Design: It’s All About Color

Posted on: October 22, 2006

I know a lot of people have trouble choosing colors for their website. Unless you’re an art student (or graduate) you probably don’t know all about color theory, complementary colors, and the like. Don’t fret though, I’ve got a fail-safe method for colors on the web!

First, too many colors can make your website chaotic. Pick a color that you want to use as the main color of your website. You’ll use this for the bulk of your website’s color. Now, pick a couple of different shades of that color to complement it. You will use these to accent your website and make certain elements stand out.

For your last 2 colors, use black and white. You can trade these for shades of dark and light gray and it works, depending on your color. Black and white have the most contrast though, so it really makes the content pop-out and helps show off the color.

Having trouble picking your complementary colors still? I can’t blame you. It takes some practice to start getting the right colors. In the meantime,  I strongly recommend checking out the following link. It’s a color scheme generator that allows you to pick a base color and have all of the rest of your colors given to you!

Color Scheme Generator


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