HTML: What is it?

Posted on: October 21, 2006

HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language. It’s really just a fancy term for a language that is meant to format text for use on the internet. If you’ve ever used “tags” to style your text on Myspace, Xanga, LJ, etc, you’ve used HTML. The same goes for displaying images or slideshows…while they aren’t made with HTML (usually), HTML is used to display them.

The page you are looking at right now uses a form of HTML, in addition to CSS and images. The text you are reading is written in the HTML. Go ahead and right click on this page and go to View Source. It may look foreign at first, but it’s really not that complex. If you search for “donkey” you will find this paragraph. It looks just like normal text with some funny characters added in.

Those funny characters that look like <br> and <p> are actually called tags or elements. They are notes for your browser so it knows what to do with them and how to display them. If it runs across a <b> tag, it will display any text before the closing tag , </b>, in bold. That’s the core of every webpage…just a series of notes telling the browser how something should be displayed.

Next I’ll give you the basics on creating your own HTML pages!


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